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Primary QTS Only

"The implementation and organisation of the ITE curriculum ensure that trainees quickly learn to apply their knowledge in placement schools. Trainees receive an excellent balance between subject-specific learning and the generic pedagogical approaches to teaching in the primary age-phase."

(Ofsted, 2023)

Our QTS Only programme offers the most up-to-date theoretical training paired with tailored teaching placements across our network of partner schools. On our school-led teacher training route, trainees spend the majority of their time in schools, applying their theoretical training in the classroom and learning from mentors with current and relevant classroom experience. By immersing you in schools, you are able to gain valuable real-world experience and learn the very best teaching methods first hand. This allows you to develop the knowledge and skills required to deliver first-class outcomes for children.

Your centre-based learning and award of QTS is completed by our team at Prestolee SCITT.


Completion of this course provides you with the following qualifications

Qualified Teacher Status

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is the legal requirement for teaching in England. Obtaining QTS with us will allow you to teach in maintained primary schools in England

Placement Model

You will spend a minimum of 120 days across the key stages in two or more schools in order to give you a rich and varied experience. You will complete three teaching blocks in two placement schools across the academic year.

graphic of Prestolee SCITT's school placement model

Throughout all of your teaching placements, you will be supported by a specially trained school-based mentor who will provide the guidance, support and challenge needed to ensure you are meeting all of the standards for QTS. This is in addition to the support you will receive from your classroom teacher, your Lead Mentor and the Prestolee SCITT Management Team. This guided support is central to our ITT programmes.

Our Pathway Options

You can choose to specialise in one of our two pathways

Regardless of your pathway choice, you will be qualified to teach ages 3-11 (Nursery to Year 6) at the end of this programme

Waiting Room

3-7 Pathway

Two contrasting placements in both EYFS (Nursery or Reception) and Key Stage One (Year 1 or Year 2)

5-11 Pathway

Two contrasting placements in both Key Stage One (Year 1 or Year 2) and Key Stage Two (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6)

Entry Requirements

This course has the following entry requirements:

*We will consider class 3 degrees where the application is otherwise strong

What other criteria do I need to meet?

​Assuming the minimum criteria are met, selection is based on your ability to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the national curriculum 

  • An awareness of safeguarding

  • An awareness of the Teachers' Standards

  • Enthusiasm to teach

  • An understanding of our values 

  • Professionalism 

  • The value of diversity and the importance of an inclusive approach

  • The ability to reflect critically and analytically on your experiences 

  • Correct use of standard spoken English 

  • Correct use of standard written English 

  • The ability to plan a mini-teach linked to the national curriculum

  • A strong commitment to our training programme

Course Fees

Our course fees for 2023-24 are set at £9250 £8250 per annum.

For this academic year, we are offering a £1,000 discount for the first 20 trainees that enrol on our QTS-only programme. 

Trainees have 2 options for payment, either via a loan from Student Finance or via self-funding. If you fund via Student Finance, once your loan application is approved the payments will be made directly to us and you do not need to take any further action. If you self-fund, you will need to adhere to the following payment terms and payments can be made either by BACS or cheque.

September 2024

Amount Due



Percentage of total fees:


January 2025

Amount Due



Percentage of total fees:


April 2025

Amount Due



Percentage of total fees:


Tuition fee loans are not means tested, meaning that if you are eligible for student finance you can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the full fees. You can also apply for a maintenance loan to support you while training to teach. More information can be found on our Finance page.

We also offer a PGCE with QTS route into teaching

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