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Our Previous Trainees

Here is what some of our graduates have to say about training with Prestolee SCITT!

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Trainee 2022 - 2023, now employed as a Year 4 teacher

From the age of ten, I have had a dream of becoming a teacher. So I went and got my degree in Chemistry and started looking for ways I could become a teacher. I started with a job as a teaching assistant and would watch the teacher in action and wish that I was where they were. So I applied for Prestolee SCITT, and it was the greatest decision I have made in my entire life. They were immediately welcoming and showed a great passion for teaching themselves. I was hooked! The combination of lectures and hands-on experience in school allowed me to link theory to practice. As well as this, I had the opportunity to work beside fantastic mentors who understood the learning journey and their passion for teaching gave me the confidence I needed to teach. They gave me targets that were unique to me and that allowed me to focus on specific areas of teaching, so I didn’t get overwhelmed. The journey I went through with Prestolee is something I will remember for the rest of my life I grew as a person becoming more confident and passionate myself. Now I am employed as a year 4 teacher and must make all the classroom decisions myself. It was daunting at first, but Prestolee SCITT gave me all the tools I needed to create a positive classroom culture and lay the educational foundation for my pupils. I am so thankful to the team at Prestolee SCITT, they have literally made my dreams a reality!


Trainee 2021 - 2022, now employed as a Year 5 teacher

"I made the decision to pursue my career in teaching without any prior school experience. I chose Prestolee SCITT due to them offering a school-led training programme which allowed me to gain a vast amount of in-school experience. Although nervous, the staff at Prestolee made me feel supported and at ease from day one. The team were always on hand to offer guidance and flexibility wherever needed. Whilst on placement, I was able to work with amazing school-based mentors and continuously observe high-quality teaching across various year groups. The theoretical training received was extremely informative and current which equipped me with all the knowledge needed to thrive as an early career teacher. I am now fortunate enough to be working as a year 5 teacher within Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust and that is all thanks to Prestolee SCITT!"

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Trainee 2022 - 2023, now employed as a Year 1 teacher

"I choose the Prestolee SCITT to do my teacher training because they have a great reputation and I was looking for outstanding training. The course is very intense, and I learnt so much and have grown both personally and professionally as a result of my experience with the Prestolee SCITT. I have gained such a plethora of knowledge and skills which I will put into practice in September when I have my own class. Even in areas I felt very strong in I have learnt so much! I have loved meeting so many amazing people who are all friendly and supportive."


Trainee 2022 - 2023, now employed as a Year 3 teacher

"After having worked as a TA and HLTA for ten years, I decided to challenge myself even further. The timing was perfect for me, I had a lot of experience teaching and planning for whole classes and smaller intervention groups and my own children were now adults, giving me time to dedicate to my career. I looked at various teaching training routes and decided that the one which suited my needs best was a SCITT. I chose the Prestolee SCITT as I had colleagues who had been on the course and also because of its outstanding reputation. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course, which was a mixture of online training and expert in-person lecturers. I particularly enjoyed the reading and behaviour training, both of which were extremely useful and engaging. My two placements were in contrasting Year 2 and Year 6 classes and I received incredible support from all of my mentors and other staff within each school. The highlight of the course culminated in me securing a job in my Placement A school in a Year 3 class."

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Trainee 2022 - 2023, now employed as a Year 4 teacher

"I made the decision to pursue a career in teaching as I wanted a more fulfilling, rewarding career. Having not spent much time in a school setting, I chose to train with Prestolee SCITT which offers school led training. Spending so much time in school allowed me to gain experience and observe high quality teaching across all key stages. I was able learn from different teachers with individual teaching styles who had years of teaching wisdom to impart. Throughout the course, I was fully supported by both my learning mentor and school based mentor who were always on hand to answer any questions and offer guidance. The centre based learning was interesting, informative and provided me with the knowledge required to succeed. I am grateful to Prestolee SCITT for giving me the confidence, knowledge and skills to become a teacher and I am so proud to now have my own class and work in a wonderful school."


Trainee 2020 - 2021, now employed as a Year 4 teacher

"I always enjoyed being created in digital marketing, but I wanted to make a bigger impact in the world! Teaching was something I had always wanted to do and I believed my creativity could help children flourish and fulfil their potential at school. Having spent my entire career working in offices, I wanted to apply for a course that gave me lots of practical experience within the classroom. This is where I discovered Prestolee! Observing, practising and being surrounded by people in this profession to support my journey gave me so much confidence. Nothing beats hands-on experience in the classroom and joining Prestolee was the best decision I made."

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