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Meet the Team

At Prestolee SCITT, we are dedicated to creating outstanding teachers through outstanding teacher training. As such, we have a highly experienced and supportive team on hand to help you start your teaching journey. Whether you have questions about teaching before the course, struggling to manage your workload as one of our trainees, or an ECT who needs extra support, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Pastoral support is a central focus. In our most recent Ofsted inspection, they noted that "trainees feel extremely well supported by mentors. Mentors and other staff teach trainees strategies to manage their workload and well-being". Building your resilience and providing tailored support is an essential part of our training, which is designed to prepare you for your ECT and beyond. 

Image of the CEO of Prestolee MAT

Michael Tonge

CEO of Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust

Image of SCITT Strategic Lead and Deputy CEO of Prestolee MAT

Rebecca Dunne

SCITT Strategic Lead & Deputy CEO of Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust

Image of head of Prestolee SCITT ITT

Lynsey Smith

Head of Initial Teacher Training

Image of executive assistant of Prestolee MAT

Karis Schroeder

Executive Assistant of Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust

Prestolee SCITT Logo

Clarissa Horton

Health and Wellbeing Lead & SCITT Lead Mentor

Prestolee SCITT Logo

Ashley Jones

SCITT Lead Mentor

Image of Prestolee SCITT Lead Mentor

Nicole Devlin

SCITT Lead Mentor

Image of Prestolee SCITT administrator

Charlotte Stones

SCITT Administrator

Prestolee SCITT Mentors

Throughout all your teaching placements you will be supported by a specially trained school-based mentor who will provide the guidance, support and challenge needed to ensure you are meeting all of the standards for QTS. This is in addition to the support you will receive from your Classroom Teacher, your Lead Mentor and the Prestolee ITT Management Team. This guided support is central to our ITT programmes.

Our trainees are privileged to work with such fantastic mentors who set high expectations for pupil achievement, model high-quality teaching, and act as ambassadors for the profession.


Mentors play a crucial role in supporting you during your initial teacher training through to successful teacher accreditation

Image of a SCITT trainee with her school-based mentor

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